Photography Classes

In your lifetime you will take many photographs, photographs that will document your life, images of friends and family, and of where you live and work, and of your environment. Why not improve your photographic skills so that these images are more enjoyable and interesting to look at?

During my career my commercial photographs have appeared on the cover of magazines, of books, and in national advertising. My art photography is exhibited in galleries and hung on the walls of homes throughout the world. I would like to pass on to you the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years.

We will discuss how to get the most from your camera, how to use available light and flash, and how to compose and see better.

Cost: $350 for 7 1/2 hours. The time will be split into three 2 1/2 hr sessions. The first session is in the studio where we discuss the technical, where I demistify the camera and its confusing bells and whistles, so that you can shoot in a mode other than 'Auto'. You will take photographs during this time so as to put in use what is discussed. The second session is where we take photographs (portraits and environmental) with the emphasis on lighting and composition. The third session is spent in the studio to critique work, and illustrate how to take 'panning' and 'motion' photographs, and the use of personal devices such as tablets and laptops to create 'studio' lighting. There is a maximum of seven in the class.

Class schedule:       Apr. 20th (Sat. 11am-1.30pm), Apr. 27th (Sat. 11am-1.30pm), May 4th (Sat. 11am-1.30pm)

                                    May 25th (Sat. 11am-1.30pm), Jun. 1st (Sat. 11am-1.30pm), Jun 8th (Sat. 11am-1.30pm)

One-on-one classes. I also give one-on-one private lessons consisting of two 2 hour sessions. The cost: $350. For two the cost is: $475. For three: $600. It can be either learning the fundamentals in my loft, and then implementing them by taking photographs, or, if you are more advanced, a walkabout where we combine using the technical and the creative in a search for images on the street. Point being, I customize the subject matter to suit your level of expertise.

CONTACT ME TO SIGN UP. 1.415.272.2137. Email:


This is where the classes are held...

Just finished taking Peter's class a few weeks ago and I was very happy with both the technical and creative techniques I learned. I loved the relaxed, small group that allowed for a more personalized experience that catered to each individual's specific needs. I found it a great class to learn the basics elements of my camera, but more importantly the class opened up a new creative eye to see photographs and angles from a different perspective that I wouldn't have seen before. What I liked best was that Peter gives you a great foundation of technical and creative guidance but also incorporates tips and tricks that you wouldn't find in a book. Overall a great class to get you started, and inspiration to go out there and explore and discover your own photography talents!

-Christel G.,Yelp

I had been wanting to take my photography to the next level. After checking out the YELP reviews and Peter Diggs' website, I signed up. Our small group met over the course of three sessions. It would not overstating to say that by the end of the first session I had already become a better photographer. The next evening, at an event, I made informed decisions about how to shoot it. Then, later that weekend, spent the afternoon on a photography walk, practicing. What I think is great about working with Peter is his relaxed, yet informative teaching style. Each of those in the class was interested in different subject matter - achitecture, nature, people, travel and action. Peter made sure each of us had a chance to get into the nitty gritty of our preferred subjects and its challenges. If you're wanting to get a better understanding of photography in a relaxed but informative environment (wine is served!) I recommend you sign up for Diggs Photography classes.

- Annelies